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Most working New Zealanders will already have a KiwiSaver fund. Unfortunately, it’s common that these investments are not being maximized towards their intended purpose, providing for retirement. If you are unsure of what KiwiSaver provider you are with, which fund you are in, or are with your bank’s KiwiSaver purely because they upsold you on the ability to see your KiwiSaver fund in their mobile app there’s a good chance you may not be in the best KiwiSaver fund for your specific situation.

The best KiwiSaver fund for you right now depends on your current investor profile, timeframe for using your KiwiSaver (first home purchase and age 65 being the main markers), cash flow, other investments, & long-term plans/goals. And notably as your situation changes the fund type you are in may need to change too.  

Simple changes like changing your KiwiSaver provider, fund type, or contribution rate could make a dramatic difference to what you end up with in retirement.

We provide KiwiSaver recommendations and ongoing advice to ensure you are in the right fund for right now, and the right fund later down the track as your situation changes.  

Managed fund investments

Managed funds are a great way for investors to grow their savings and start saving for retirement gaining access to diversified portfolios of professionally managed assets they would not otherwise have access to. Interestingly most most New Zealanders already have some experience with managed funds through their personal KiwiSaver fund (which are a type of managed fund).

As with KiwiSaver there are a wide range of fund managers and funds you can invest in. Unlike KiwiSaver though you can withdraw your money easily and without restriction (typically withdrawals can be made in 5 working days - the time it takes to sell down the underlying assets).

If you are seeking greater return on your savings over the long term (compared to other methods like savings accounts & term deposits) then managed fund investments may be the right solution for you.

We provide managed fund recommendations and ongoing advice to ensure you are in the right fund to grow your savings over the long term.

The versatile nature of managed funds means they can be used for a number of purposes, for example:

UK Pensions

Whether you have now made NZ your home, or you are a Kiwi who has returned to NZ after working in the UK, a UK pension transfer may be worth considering.

Deciding on whether to transfer your UK pension to New Zealand can depend on several different factors including:

  • the amount of time since you arrived (or arrived back) in New Zealand,

  • the value of your pension,

  • tax implications,

  • and your current situation & future plans.

 To help you make the best decision for you we offer a no commitment consultation where we will outline what you need to consider when making this important decision.

And if you do choose to transfer your UK pension to NZ we can help by:

  • Providing financial advice & recommendation for an appropriate New Zealand based qualifying recognized overseas pension scheme (QROPS) that suits your investor profile & goals.

  • Facilitating the transfer process from your existing pension provider into the NZ QROPS.

  • Providing ongoing financial advice for your pension funds while they remain invested in the NZ QROPS (note that currently the earliest you may access transferred funds is age 55, set to increase to 57 in 2028).

Financial & retirement planning

Chances are you have already taken steps towards saving for retirement by contributing to your KiwiSaver fund to keep it growing. But what does retirement actually look like for you?


  • When do you want to retire?

  • Do you intend to fully retire, or continue some part time work?

  • How much income do you need in retirement?

  • To provide this level of income how much would you need invested?

Regardless of what retirement looks like to you we can help by creating a plan to get you there, and provide ongoing advice and guidance to retirement and beyond.

We use several high performing fund managers who manage a diverse range of funds giving us a good range of options for fund recommendations for KiwiSaver, New Zealand QROPS, & managed investment funds.

Our fees:

One-off flat fees for financial advice:

Depending on the service provided we may charge a flat one-off advice fee. This is to provide a formal recommendation based on your personal financial situation and goals (and help implement the recommendation if you choose to proceed with it).

Kiwisaver: $0- we do not charge clients to provide KiwiSaver recommendations from the range of KiwiSaver providers we work with. 

Managed fund investments:  $250 - we charge clients a one-off fee to provide a managed fund investment recommendation suitable to their goals (and help implement the recommendation if you choose to proceed with it).

UK Pensions transfer fee: depends on complexity and size of pension being transferred. Contact us for a quote.

Financial & retirement analysis and planning: starts at $650 and is based on complexity of the analysis and plan. Fee payable on presentation of the plan.

Premium Investment Service: Fisher Funds Individually Managed Account (IMA) service: $1000 - we charge clients a one-off fee to set up and manage this adviser only service.

Ongoing adviser fees: 

We charge ongoing adviser fees to provide ongoing financial advice and support to our clients for the investments we recommend. These ongoing fees are deducted from your investments similar to the standard fund management fees you pay.

Ongoing adviser fees paid by clients vary based on investment type and provider used:

  • Kiwisaver: client pays between 0% - 0.50% p.a. of funds under management.

  • Managed fund investments: client pays between 0.25% - 0.50% p.a. of funds under management.

  • Financial & retirement analysis and planning: no ongoing fees for this  - any KiwiSaver & managed fund ongoing fees apply if part of the recommendations/plan.

  • Fisher Funds Individually Managed Account (IMA) service: client pays 0.75% p.a. of funds under management.

More about ongoing financial advice fees

Our belief is that financial advice is most effective when utilised over a long period of time (ongoing advice) and our service reflects this approach. Having your investments overseen by us as your financial advisers means that you can seek further guidance from us whenever you need.

And it means over time we can ensure the investments remain appropriate for your needs, or make changes if needed. Ongoing financial advice means having the reassurance that you are heading in the right direction.

Ongoing fees are charged as a percentage of fund under management i.e. a small percent of your invested funds, much the same way that fund managers charge fund administration fees. The are normally deducted from your investment account by the fund manager and paid direct to the adviser, monthly.

More about the Fisher Funds Individually Managed Account (IMA) service

The Fisher Funds Individually Managed Account (IMA) is our premium service. There is an investment minimum of $50,000 for this service.  This Fisher Funds IMA service is only available through financial advisors. It offers:

  • Simple and effective portfolio management– a single platform from which to acquire, retain and sell all your investments. You can invest in non-Fisher funds managed funds (including some lower cost wholesale funds), term deposits, individual shares etc. on this platform. If you personally own shares you can transfer them onto the platform to keep all your investments in one place.

  • A range of investment options – Model and Custom Portfolios are available which provide comprehensive exposure across many asset classes.

  • Security – your investments are held in trust for you by an independent custodian. FNZ Limited (FNZ) or a sub-custodian appointed by FNZ hold the assets invested in the IMA. FNZ has over $20 billion in assets under custody in New Zealand

  • Consolidated reporting – regular consolidated transaction, valuation and performance reporting on your Account replaces multiple reports for individual investments.

  • One point of contact – your Adviser can answer your questions, provide investment advice and take care of transactions on your behalf.

  • Some tax advantages & online access to the platform to view your portfolio at any time.

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