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Our services

We specialize in providing down to earth financial advice that helps New Zealanders get to where they want to go.

As financial advisers we aim to provide a service that is personal and easy.

Our primary focus is on investments (Kiwisaver, Property, managed funds etc.) and financial planning to get you there.

Our approach is to work with clients over the long term. We believe financial advice is most effective when it is applied again and again. As you travel along, you'll naturally encounter countless opportunities, pitfalls, and decisions to make. We think we help our clients best by being there whenever they need us.

Figure out the destination.

The destination is personal to you.

You might be solely focused on purchasing your first home. Perhaps you see yourself travelling extensively. Or maybe planning for a comfortable retirement is front of mind.

When we first meet (either in person or via Zoom) we’ll talk about what your goals are and how we can help you get there through financial advice, recommendations, and planning.

Set up and set off.

After our first meeting we’ll go away and create a plan specific to your situation. This could be as simple as alterations to your existing financial set up i.e. changing your Kiwisaver contributions rate, switching Kiwisaver funds, or altering regular mortgage repayment amounts. Or it may involve setting up new saving and investment plans towards a specific goal. If you're keen to proceed with the recommendations we'll help you set off (help with implementing the plan).

Navigate headwinds.

As things change so should the plan. Seemingly small changes like increasing your Kiwisaver contribution rate, changing the type of fund you’re in, or upping your regular mortgage repayment amount can make a drastic differences over the longer term. Our approach is continue to be there for our clients over the long term so if you ever need some advice, or if the situation changes we can keep you on course. Depending on the nature of the plan we might arrange regular catchups to track progress towards your goal/s.

Reach your destination.

One of the greatest benefits of getting financial advice is gaining the confidence to spend the results of your hard work. It’s quite common for it to feel difficult to start spending what you’ve spent so long accumulating. And in the case of stopping work and fully entering retirement, switching from putting in to taking out can feel uncomfortable. However, continued financial advice and planning will help you enjoy what you’ve worked hard for.

A simple fee structure - So you know exactly what we charge, upfront, before you even contact us.

One-off flat fees for financial advice:

Depending on the service provided we may charge a flat one-off advice fee. This is to provide a formal recommendation based on your personal financial situation and goals:

  • Kiwisaver: $0 - we do not charge clients to provide Kiwisaver recommendations from the Kiwisaver providers we use. 

  • Managed fund investments:  $250 - We charge clients a one-off fee to provide a managed fund investment recommendation suitable to their goals.

Ongoing adviser fees: 

We also charge ongoing adviser fees to provide ongoing financial advice and support for the investments we recommend. These ongoing fees are deducted from your investments similar to the standard fund management fees you pay.

Think of it like tacking on a couple dollars to your gym membership to have a personal trainer financial adviser you can contact whenever you need, helping you get financially fit.

Ongoing adviser fee paid by client varies based on investment type and provider used:

  • Kiwisaver: client pays between 0% - 0.50% p.a. of funds under management.

  • Managed fund investments: client pays between 0.25% - 0.50% p.a. of funds under management.

Fees for other services we provide (only if applicable)

The other services we provide are:

In-depth financial analysis and planning service.

This tailored towards those with complex analysis and/or planning needs, or those who would prefer to not have a ongoing advice relationship and instead pay a flat fee upfront for analysis and financial planning services. The fee for this in-depth financial analysis and planning starts at $650 and is based on complexity of the analysis and plan.

Premium investment service via the Fisher Funds Individually Managed Account (IMA) service.

The regular adviser fee for this is 0.75% FUM p.a. paid monthly, and a advice and implementation fee of $1000.

Further detail on these two services can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Financial Planning

Other services we offer:

Life, Trauma, TPD & Income Protection insurance quotes


We can provide quotes for personal insurance (life, trauma, TPD & income protection) via the two insurance companies we relationships with: Asteron life & Fidelity. We can also provide a quote for health insurance through NiB who we have a relationship with.


If you choose to take up these quotes we would be paid a commission by the insurance company. This commission varies value and terms of the insurance put in place.

In-depth financial analysis & planning service

This service suits those with complex analysis and/or planning needs, or those who would prefer to not have a ongoing advice relationship and instead pay a flat fee upfront for analysis and financial planning services.

When a client's situation or advice needs are more complex it might be necessary to undertake more extensive analysis of their situation to provide appropriate financial advice. In these cases we would recommend a more comprehensive approach i.e. financial planning/ analysis. We'd look at your current investments (property, investment/Kiwisaver funds, etc.) and analyze their performance. We might recommend adjustments to current investments i.e. changing your Kiwisaver contribution rate, switching Kiwisaver; or creating new investments.

Our one-off fee for this service starts at $650. This fee is paid by client to adviser for the financial planning/analysis service upon presentation of the financial planning report.

Fisher Funds Individually Managed Account (IMA) service

The Fisher Funds Individually Managed Account (IMA) is our premium service. There is an investment minimum of $50,000 for this service.  This Fisher Funds IMA service is only available through financial advisors. It offers:

  • Simple and effective portfolio management– a single platform from which to acquire, retain and sell all your investments. You can invest in non-Fisher funds managed funds (including some lower cost wholesale funds), term deposits, individual shares etc. on this platform. If you personally own shares you can transfer them onto the platform to keep all your investments in one place.

  • A range of investment options – Model and Custom Portfolios are available which provide comprehensive exposure across many asset classes.

  • Security – your investments are held in trust for you by an independent custodian. FNZ Limited (FNZ) or a sub-custodian appointed by FNZ hold the assets invested in the IMA. FNZ has over $20 billion in assets under custody in New Zealand

  • Consolidated reporting – regular consolidated transaction, valuation and performance reporting on your Account replaces multiple reports for individual investments.

  • One point of contact – your Adviser can answer your questions, provide investment advice and take care of transactions on your behalf.

  • Some tax advantages & online access to the platform to view your portfolio at any time


We would charge a one-off fee of $1000 for the recommendation & setting up this investment

We would be paid 0.75% p.a. FUM paid monthly from your investment account.

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