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Selecting the best Kiwisaver for you is just the first step...

We help everyday New Zealanders
get from where they are,
to where they want to be...

Providing financial advice and planning for your specific situation and goals

Our focus is on investments (Kiwisaver, managed funds, property etc.) that will help you achieve your goals.

This could mean recommending the best Kiwisaver for you, providing guidance on investment property, or creating an investment plan to grow your savings in a managed fund.

Whether you’re just getting started, or already planning out retirement we can help with financial advice and planning to get you there.

An adviser fee to provide ongoing support and advice

We are primarily paid via an adviser fee which is deducted from your Kiwisaver or other managed investments similar to the standard fund management fees you pay.

Think of it like tacking on a couple dollars to your gym membership to have a personal trainer financial adviser on call whenever you need, helping you get financially fit.

Making it easy with financial advice on your terms.

First, we’ll meet at a time that suits you to talk about your situation, goals, and how we can help. This might be in person or via Zoom.

We’ll then go away and prepare financial advice tailored to you. And we’ll make it straightforward and easy to understand, for example:

We recommend switching Kiwisaver as your current fund is underperforming…. We believe the best Kiwisaver for you is…This is because….

If you’re happy with the advice we’ll proceed to implement the recommendations.

From here we’ll keep in contact and you can come back to us when you need further advice or help. If something changes in your situation or goals, we can alter the plan to reflect.



Financial Planning

Easy   |   Affordable   |   Online

We make getting financial advice so easy & affordable it’s time to stop thinking...

'It feels too hard or complicated'

'Financial advice is too expensive'

'I'll just leave my Kiwisaver with my bank because choosing  another provider is too hard'

'I'm putting off thinking about it till I have more money/ motivation/ time..'

'I don't have enough money to get financial advice'

'I don't feel comfortable talking about money'

..And start feeling good about where you’re heading.

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