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What is financial advice?

Financial advice is guidance provided to enhance one’s financial situation. It can be in-depth like providing a full financial plan, or it can be more concise like a recommendation regarding your KiwiSaver contribution rates.

It should always be based on your personal situation, risk profile, & goals.

We believe financial advice is most effective when utilised over a long period of time (ongoing advice) and our service reflects this approach.

What is financial planning?

Financial planning is taking a question like: “How much do I need to retire comfortably in NZ?” and then working backwards to create a plan for investing for retirement.

It is a holistic approach considering your:

  • financial assets (home, investment property, Kiwisaver, other investments & pensions)

  • income & expenses

  • financial & personal goals

The importance of financial goals

Setting financial (short, medium & long term) goals will give you direction for your future planning.

Some examples of long-term goals are:

  • That first home purchase

  • Investing for retirement

  • Buying an investment property

  • Feeling financially secure

Figuring out where you’d like to get to will help you better ascertain the path to get there. See article on Why money goals are important and how to set them:



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