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About us

Who are we:

McKenzie Financial Planning (MCKFP) is a family owned and operated financial advice provider.

Based in Hamilton, but with clients across New Zealand, we pride ourselves on being we’re down to earth and easy to talk to.

Meet our advisors

Luke McKenzie

Luke McKenzie CFP - Senior Financial Adviser

Born and raised in Christchurch Luke moved to Hamilton for work and later met his wife Denise. They’ve now been married 36 years and have two adult children.

Luke has been a Financial Advisor for over 20 years. In addition to being a Financial Planning specialist with the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) accreditation he also has a specialisation in the transfer of UK pensions to NZ qualifying schemes for returning NZers or UK immigrants which he facilitates under the brand

Luke enjoys gardening, stand-up comedy & varying his level of proficiency at golf week by week.

Reid McKenzie

Reid McKenzie - Financial Adviser

Born & raised in Hamilton Reid completed a BMS (hons) at Waikato University. During this time he met his wife Gemma through a mutual friend. They’ve now been together 10 years, just celebrated their 3-year wedding anniversary, and have welcomed their first child Wyatt, in July of 2022.

Reid describes himself as practical but also optimistically minded when it comes to investment.

He’s interested in the psychology of investment, likes pondering analogies that may or may not make complex ideas easier to understand, not wearing ties, and spreading marmite on toast thicker than most..

Reid & Luke work collaboratively. So when you come aboard as a client you get the benefit of the perspective of two advisers.

Our process

Figure out the destination.

The destination is personal to you.

You might be solely focused on purchasing your first home. Perhaps you see yourself travelling extensively. Or maybe planning for a comfortable retirement is front of mind.

When we first meet (either in person or via Zoom) we’ll talk about what your goals are and how we can help you get there through financial advice, recommendations, and planning.

Set up and set off.

After our first meeting we’ll go away and create some recommendations specific to your situation. This could be as simple as alterations to your existing financial set up i.e. changing your Kiwisaver contributions rate, switching Kiwisaver funds, or altering regular mortgage repayment amounts. Or it may involve setting up new saving and investment plans towards a specific goal. If you're keen to proceed with the recommendations we'll help you set off (help with implementing the plan).

Navigate headwinds.

As things change so should the plan. Seemingly small changes like increasing your Kiwisaver contribution rate, changing the type of fund you’re in, or upping your regular mortgage repayment amount can make a drastic differences over the longer term. Our approach is continue to be there for our clients over the long term so if you ever need some advice, or if the situation changes we can keep you on course. Depending on the nature of the plan we might arrange regular catchups to track progress towards your goal/s.

Reach your destination.

One of the greatest benefits of getting financial advice is gaining the confidence to spend the results of your hard work. For example, those that have finished saving for retirement may find switching from putting in to taking out can feel uncomfortable. Here ongoing financial advice provides reassurance, so you can enjoy what you’ve worked hard for.

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Our office is located at:

     31 Balfour Crescent,
     Hamilton 3216

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