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How do I get richer with low income

It may seem like the only way to get ahead is by having a high income. While it can be advantageous to have a high income there are plenty of individuals with high income and no money to speak of i.e., are perpetually in debt.There are several simple things you can do to improve your chances of building wealth, regardless of your income level....

April 30, 2023

How do I deal with inflation

Inflation sucks. It sucks worse when you have a fixed income, or your income isn’t very high. If you don’t have a way to massively increase your income then it’s less about keeping up with inflation or beating inflation but rather enduring it.Some level of inflation is normal for economies. Like a certain level of unemployment is, strangely enough, ideal for the efficient running of an economy. The problem now is that inflation is running at around 7%, whereas the Reserve Bank’s long-ter...

March 26, 2023

When should I invest?

A classic question that does not have clear cut answer.I could be said that there is no knowing the best time to invest, except in hindsight. This is because no one truly knows what will happen next in financial markets.Financial markets are governed by two basic emotions: fear and greed....

March 26, 2023

How much does having a financial adviser cost?

Firstly, you need to know how financial advisors get paid. It can vary but normally advisers are paid either through:·         Charging/receiving a regular fee equal to a % of funds under management (FUM) (this might be comprised of commission and/or client fees).·         Charging one-off fees for work. For example to provide a financial plan or set up an investment.·       &nbs...

March 26, 2023

Do I need a financial adviser?

Financial advisers can fulfil different roles for different clients. Whether you need (or want?) a financial adviser is something only you can answer.You may be thinking you want a financial adviser because:You want to get money sorted but you can't summon the energy, or are just too damn busy with work/life to do the organizing, research, learning related to doing so?Perhaps you don't know where to start, or you find money matters overall stressful, or find the process of ‘getting financially...

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